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Dr. Ripper's Fabricated Freaks


This is the first in the series of Dr Ripper books and features the tales of thirteen cursed freaks Ripper keeps in his freak show.

Unlike the freak shows of old featuring unfortunate people born with physical deformities, Dr Ripper has made these people into freaks of nature.. hence, Fabricated.

With wonderful tales such as Lizzie Embrace and her Bum for a Face and Claire Von Peavage and her Violent Cleavage you are treated to a wonderful time at the expense of these poor souls.

Dr. Ripper's Malevolent Mansion


Once more we return to the sinister world of Dr. Ripper, collector of peculiar people.

This time we enter the home of the man himself, Malevolence Mansion.. a rotting ancient house where we get to meet the staff.. a crazy bunch of murdering lunatics.

With wonderful tales such as BOD the Mechanical Sod and The tale of Mr D'Fish, a manly man with a secret fetish you will never look at stately homes the same way again.


Dr. Ripper's Sinister Shipmates

Dr Ripper likes to holiday on a flying submarine that just happens to double as a pirate ship! You'll soon get to meet the crew.

Of course, they're all insane.

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Dr Ripper & Co are a selection of books written and illustrated by Rich Nairn and set in Pity City, a place full of wonderful weirdos.

The books currently available to buy are Dr. Ripper's Fabricated Freaks and Dr. Ripper's Malevolent Mansion, two adult horror comedy story books written in poem featuring 13 terrifying tales.

Rich plans to create further books set in the same world for both adults and children over the next few years.. watch this space for details!