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Back in 2001 while working as a projectionist in a cinema, Rich began writing silly comic books about the industry he was surrounded by.. These comics were called Dr Ripper's Multiplex and the stories focused on a lunatic asylum that got it's funding by doubling as a multiplex cinema. The owner of this demented establishment was an immortal doctor, Dr Jacob Ripper, a madman who just loved to torture his staff. Though Rich does plan on re-releasing those comics as a graphic novel in the near future, all the original copies have now sold out. in 2016 Rich returned to Pity City, the world in which dr ripper lives, in a book of short and quite adult comedy poems called Dr Ripper's Fabricated Freaks and that was it.. with these books proving popular among those with a warped sense of humour, rich had the bug and soon after Dr Ripper's Malevolent Mansion was Born! Each book stands alone as it's own separate tale so you can read them in any order.. If you're a fan of horror, comedy or both then these books could be right up your street, go check them out on amazon! Alternatively, if you'd like a signed personalised copy, they are available in the doodle shop now! Keep an eye on this page for further developments and/or click on the link above to the facebook page. watch Rich illustrate the comic books live on periscope using the link below..